Accelerate document turnaround times with automated cross-references on Josef: CEO Tom Dreyfus explains how

Cross references can make or break legal documents. But while they may be important, they shouldn’t slow you down.

With Josef’s automated cross-references and table of contents feature, the Word editor automatically re-numbers them for you, meaning manual updates are a thing of the past!

What’s the story behind this feature? How does it help legal teams achieve more, faster?

Josef co-founder and CEO Tom Dreyfus shares everything you need to know including what the feature unlocks for teams automating a wider range of documents with Josef.

Hi, Tom! Why did Josef decide to enable automated cross-references and tables of contents?

Year on year, we’re finding the expectations of those automating documents in the legal space are getting more and more complex and ambitious. We love to see this!

That’s why, at Josef, we’re constantly looking for ways to pack the Word editor with the most powerful, helpful features that we can deliver.

Automating cross-references and tables of contents forms part of this effort.

We incorporated this into the Word editor so that teams can unlock more complex document automation opportunities.

That way, they can automate even higher-value documents like MSAs (Master Service Agreements), for example, alongside the more simple things like NDAs, employment agreements, and so on.

Nice. There are always more documents ripe for automation. How else does the feature help legal teams?

Well, it speeds up contract turnaround times. With automated cross-references and tables of contents, more documents are now ready to sign the moment they’re generated on Josef.

The journey goes something like this:

  1. Via Josef, a legal team’s clients input the information required to populate an agreement.
  2. This is then used to automate the document from top to bottom—cross-references and tables of contents included.
  3. Then, with everything prepared the minute a client clicks Submit, the agreement’s ready to sign, with no final review required in some instances.

For those using our DocuSign integration, that same agreement can then be sent directly to signatories for signing. Easy!

This helps accelerate turnaround times, enabling teams to automate the drafting and signing process from end to end.

“With automated cross-references and tables of contents, teams can unlock more complex document automation opportunities.”
– Josef co-founder and CEO, Tom Dreyfus.

How is the feature aligned with Josef’s wider mission of making legal automation more accessible for everyone?

From a technical perspective, automating cross-references and tables of contents was a grand achievement for both our Product and Engineering teams.

It’s so technically dense and complex.

And yet, like the rest of Josef’s features, it makes another aspect of everyday legal work completely invisible and simple, helping teams boost their capacity and make a bigger impact wherever they work.

We can’t wait to see what documents Josef customers automate with us next!

Looking to automate your complex documents?

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