Feature in focus: Automate complex documents end-to-end with cross-references on Josef

  • Feature

    Automated cross-references & tables of contents

  • Helpful when

    Automating complex documents, e.g. MSAs, NDAs, and more

  • How it helps

    Save more time by automating more documents start to finish

With automated cross-references on Josef, more legal teams are automating complex documents and contracts than ever before.

Thanks to this unsung, yet powerful feature within the Word editor, you too can transform static, complex documents into self-service, digital tools.

The result? Spend less time manually drafting and reviewing documents and direct more resources toward higher-level, more creative work.

But how does it work? Here’s how Josef helps teams achieve more with automated cross-references.

Automated cross-references, explained

The Word editor’s automated cross-references and tables of contents (ToCs) feature enables teams to automate documents end-to-end.

How? It’s simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Upload and automate a document featuring cross-references and/or ToCs,
  2. Launch your bot,
  3. Generate the document, and
  4. You’re done! The document’s cross-references and ToCs are automatically renumbered according to the automations applied.

Josef’s automated cross-references and ToCs do the heavy lifting for you, enabling you and your team to keep higher-value work ticking along without a hitch.

More complex document automation opportunities

No matter the complexity of your documents, with Josef, you can automate them from top-to-bottom, cross-references and ToCs included. There are so many opportunities to be had! 

Take MSAs (Master Service Agreements), for example. They’re long, complex agreements often tied together with upwards of 300 cross-references.

At Josef, we’re finding that in-house teams at global insurance providers, those in financial services, and beyond, are automating these agreements, among others, to cut down on manual drafting and reviews.

By automating more high-volume, high-value documents and contracts, they’re maximising their teams’ potential and finding new ways to streamline their work. 

“Our agreement tools have cut down on a lot of email back and forths. Now, our property team prepares and populates agreements all by themselves. The whole process has been terrific for everyone involved.”
– Fleur Hewitt, Legal Manager – International & Corporate, Bupa

Save more time

It’s no secret that legal teams automate documents to save time, and, with automated cross-references, teams can save even more! Josef checks off yet another document task without you having to lift a finger.

Teams no longer need to perform a manual review once a document is generated, nor do they need to double-check cross-references are all intact.

Thanks to Josef’s Word editor, cross-references and ToCs are automatically renumbered, meaning more documents are good to go the moment they’re produced.

It all adds up! Save hours if not days on low-level, drafting and review work and let Josef do it all for you.

Automate your document’s cross-references and ToCs with Josef.

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