Empowering lawyers to automate legal services

On Josef’s easy-to-use platform, lawyers create bots that automate lawyer-client conversations, draft legal documents and provide legal guidance and advice.

Lawyers save time by getting rid of repetitive work, letting them focus on the things that matter. For everyone else, Josef makes legal services more accessible and seamless.


It’s easy to create bots based on your expert knowledge.

Lawyers build on our easy-to-use, no-coding-required platform, creating bots that their clients love.

  • Build a decision tree
    Create questions and answers.
  • Create your document
    Populate and format your legal document.
  • Brand and launch your bot
    To serve your clients anytime, anywhere.

Josef bots are intuitive and engaging. Say hello to a Josef bot here to see for yourself.

Save time, improve the client experience and focus on what matters.

Legal teams across the globe are transforming their practices with Josef, from top-tier commercial firms to sole practitioners, and from in-house legal teams to community legal centres.

With our easy-to-use technology, these teams are creating and launching their own seamless, customisable legal bots without the need for developers.

Speak to your clients

Build bots to handle client interviews, triage or FAQs anytime, anywhere.

Draft legal documents

Instantly generate personalised documents, from letters to agreements.

Collate and analyse data

Get instant information and insights.

Adapt and change

You have control! It’s easy to brand, integrate and update your bots.

Admin interface

Our mission is to make the law more accessible for everyone

Josef is a tech company for lawyers and their clients who want legal services to be more accessible, efficient and seamless.

For too many people, the law is inaccessible. Over half of the people in Australia, the US and the UK who face a legal problem do not see a lawyer.

Josef was designed by lawyers, for lawyers, to help them connect expert legal knowledge with those who need it.

And, by automating repetitive work and creating bots that clients love, lawyers can focus on what’s truly valuable.

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