Bupa legal team embarks on contract automation journey with Josef

Cutting-edge workflow and document automation tools

The APAC legal team at Bupa has launched a suite of cutting-edge workflow and document automation tools using no-code platform Josef. This is the continuation of the legal team’s automation journey, transforming the way they work and interact with the rest of the healthcare and health insurance business.

The team identified frequent and low-risk contracts as a pain-point for both the legal team and the broader business. In response, the team designed the project to streamline contract creation, approval and execution, reducing workload for the legal team and cutting down turnaround time for the business. Instead of sending a request through to legal, the business can now access a portal and interact with a series of forms and bots to generate whatever documents they need.

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For General Counsel Maria Marinelli,  “Every in-house legal team would describe itself as “busy” but being a lawyer in a health care organisation during a global pandemic further exacerbated the extra work and leadership to be delivered by the Bupa legal team within very tight time constraints.”  

“It forces you to think – how can we better manage our workloads, manage risk, assist the business and ultimately our customers?”  

“How do we make more time to spend on the high risk and more complex legal matters? Digital solutions and pathways are an obvious way to do this but we need to stop thinking and talking about it and just do it! I’m very excited by the steps we have taken in this respect and even more excited by the value automation and bots can bring to us achieving our business objectives at pace and to enable new and more modern ways of working.”


The first suite of bots automate common documents, ranging from simple contracts like Non-Disclosure Agreements, to the more complex Master Services Agreement and Statements of Work, and common interactions between legal and the business, like taking instructions and requests through an intake tool, or answering frequently asked questions in relation to the legal implications of marketing activities.

According to Claire Nuske, Head of Operations (Legal), the launch of the bots has been a success, with “positive feedback and ever increasing usage.”

For Claire, this isn’t just about saving time. “We don’t want our lawyers spending time on the work that doesn’t engage them or is monotonous. We want our lawyers to have time to contemplate the real issues and develop meaningful relationships with business.”


But that’s not the end of the road for the Bupa legal team. The team chose Josef because of its ease-of-use, meaning that they could put the automation technology in the hands of anyone in the legal team, thereby creating a team of “citizen developers”. The next step is to train and put the tool in the hands of the wider team so that they can build and launch bots too, multiplying the impact of the technology across the organisation.

Sam Flynn, COO and Co-Founder of Josef, says of the project: “I’m so excited to see what the Bupa team is getting done with Josef. Their agility and ambition is really extraordinary – particularly for a team in a large corporation – and I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

About Bupa

Bupa Asia Pacific is part of the Bupa Group, one of the largest international health insurance and healthcare providers with over 38 million customers worldwide.

Globally Bupa have 18.5 million health insurance customers, 370 health clinics, 20 hospitals and 1,000 dental centres. We also look after aged care residents in care homes and villages across the UK, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.


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