The digital future of law at MinterEllison

The future of law has arrived.

Just ask MinterEllison, a leading Australian law firm sitting at the cutting edge of an industry undergoing radical, technological change.

Digital transformation is no longer an if or when, but a contemporary need requiring immediate, strategic action. Clients expect it, longstanding relationships depend on it, and by adopting a range of technologies, MinterEllison is demonstrating how to operate in the most efficient, valuable ways possible.

We spoke to the firm’s Josef Product team Lead, Naomi Hickey Humble (Head of Legal Operations, DCI), and Innovation Lead Amber O’Meara to learn how digital tools and education have changed the face of law.

Naomi Hickey Humble & Amber O'Meara

Naomi Hickey Humble & Amber O'Meara

Why digital?

From the top down, the people of MinterEllison are redefining the practice of law and consulting.

Amber O’Meara: “We’re strategically leaning to digital transformation as we’ve seen how it can have lasting impacts on the clients and communities that sit at the centre of our work and, of course, our people.”

Naomi Hickey Humble: “In doing so, we’re able to execute on several objectives.

  1. Drive profitable growth;
  2. Meet and exceed client needs and expectations; and
  3. Boost people value satisfaction.”

But not everyone’s a digital native. Some, if not all, require a knowledge boost and the space to learn.

Digital fluency for all

As part of its 2025 strategy, MinterEllison’s digital fluency program is coaching teams how to solve problems using new, digital ways of thinking. The launch of MinterEllison’s Digital Academy in 2023 will further develop its people’s digital and innovation skillsets.

Amber: “We’re super, super excited about the program, it will continue to help teams connect the dots between our clients’ complex problems and suitable, fit-for-purpose tech-based solutions.”

“The more knowledge you pick up, the more you can talk about and use various platforms with confidence.”

In collaboration with Josef alone, the firm has

  • run several education programs for 100+ lawyers;
  • developed a digital literacy content library; and
  • launched countless automated tools such as the CuRT bot, a tool accessed 7300+ times by organisations seeking advice on COVID-19 protocols.
“Digital fluency is crucial. Without it, you’ll be left behind.”
– Naomi Hickey Humble, Head of Legal Operations (DCI), MinterEllison.

Serve clients proactively

Global instability is driving significant change in client needs and expectations.

Amber: “The world is changing fast, particularly following the pandemic, and as a result, client expectations are changing in ways we couldn’t have imagined.”

Naomi: “The landscape our clients are operating in is more nuanced and layered than ever. There’s the expectation for commercial solutions and continued technical rigour, but also greater efficiency and accuracy. It’s precisely why digital fluency is so crucial. Without it, you’ll be left behind.”

“We have to be on the forefront and be proactive. So as we expand our skillsets, we’re preparing our people for a more digitally enabled world.”

Using data for good

There’s the mention of exceeding client expectations, but in what way? Naomi cuts to the chase.

Naomi: “Data is the new oil.”

“By using platforms that collect, store and organise data, we can add further value to our clients and offerings.”

Data serves as a gold mine from which we can draw strategic insights and further strengthen relationships.”

“Once you free up your time for more valuable, complex tasks with the help of tech, you can experience a whole new lease on life.”
– Amber O’Meara, Innovation Lead, MinterEllison.

Tech as friend, not foe

The firm’s intents and results are inarguable, but change is hard and getting people comfortable with adopting tech moves at different paces. An ability to manage the nuances is key.

Amber: “Everyone is at different stages of their tech journeys and there is nothing wrong with that. When I meet people with reservations about tech, I like to say, ‘tech is friend, not foe’.”

“Learning doesn’t have to be all scary and high stakes. You can easily apply your learnings retrospectively.”

“Take a past client’s case and apply new tools and knowledge to that. This way you can learn in a far more comfortable environment.”

“Once you free up your time for more valuable, complex tasks with the help of tech, you can experience a whole new lease on life.”

What next?

Unsure about adopting digital solutions on a big or small scale? MinterEllison proves that not only is it possible, but the benefits are tenfold.

As the legal industry continues to transform, Josef eagerly awaits the next steps for a firm unwavering in its commitment to digital innovation and cutting-edge, legal practice.

Check out MinterEllison’s latest DINa™️ bot, built on Josef.

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