Silicon Valley law firm Gunderson Dettmer creates “seamless experiences” for attorneys & clients with Josef

Enhancing client experience with Josef

“Josef allows our attorneys to provide more value to our clients by allowing our subject-matter experts to streamline and improve the way we deliver legal services.”

Law firm Gunderson Dettmer is no stranger to innovation. It has an exclusive focus on the innovation economy and is renowned for its delivery of industry-leading digital solutions.

Most recently, Gunderson Dettmer added Josef to its innovation tech stack to help “improve efficiency” and provide “even better service to our clients”, says Chief Innovation Officer Joe Green.

But what drew the firm to Josef, and how are they using the platform to generate such value?

New digital tools

The firm is building a suite of automated tools on Josef’s no-code platform that targets all things from workflows to contracts, legal advice and more.

As Joe notes, it’s all in an effort to “provide more value to our clients by allowing our subject-matter experts to streamline and improve the way we deliver legal services.”

Why Josef?

There are plenty of legal automation tools on the market these days, so why did Gunderson Dettmer choose Josef?

“We like to partner with vendors who really invest in their products, listen to their customers and build out features that help us continually improve as service providers.”

“We also appreciate platforms that don’t require professional coding experience. That way, our subject matter experts can build some solutions for themselves without taking up the bandwidth of our more technical resources.”

“That’s why we like Josef so much. It puts tools in the hands of the people looking to solve their own problems. And those solutions can also benefit other attorneys at the firm and, ultimately, the firm’s clients.”

A valuable future

With the firm diving headfirst into Josef’s no-code platform, Joe looks forward to boosted efficiencies and enhanced client relationships.

“By giving our attorneys tools to serve our clients better and faster with Josef, those attorneys have more time to focus on helping our clients solve their most pressing legal and business problems.”

We can’t wait to hear how Gunderson Dettmers’ automation journey unfolds!

About Gunderson Dettmer

Founded in Silicon Valley in 1995, Gunderson Dettmer is an international law firm with an exclusive focus on the innovation economy. The firm’s 400+ attorneys help clients across the globe succeed in venture capital, growth equity and more.

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