Anyone can create powerful legal bots

Create bots on an intuitive drag and drop platform. Supercharge them with an advanced rules engine.

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Empower your team to innovate

Upload existing templates from Microsoft Word to develop automated documents. No coding, no squiggly brackets, no percentage signs.

Save time, scale services and delight clients

Seamlessly automate end-to-end workflows. Automatically generate documents, answer questions and send emails.

Connect. Build. Create impactful workflows!

Work with the tools you prefer. With an ecosystem of integrations, you can build workflows and automations that elevate your productivity and efficiency.

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Gain actionable insights from your data

Learn from the data that your bots generate. Easily update and control your bots. Manage users and permissions.

Draw on support from world-class experts

Access support from Josef’s world-class team of technologists, lawyers, designers & strategists. Upskill with training developed in collaboration with the world’s best law schools and firms.

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