3 benefits of automating FAQs for in-house legal teams

Here at Josef, we know the struggles many in-house teams face. Managing the legal advice requirements of your organisation is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Your team works hard to field inquiries from dozens of clients and stakeholders, with multiple competing deadlines, and often these requests are repetitive and time-consuming.  


If you’re tired of feeling like the ‘blocker’ or simply want to work smarter, automating your FAQs is one of the many ways that legal technology can help you recover lost time, giving your team the freedom to focus on other tasks (or focus on to more value added work!). 


Here are three of the benefits of implementing an FAQ bot. 

Improved client satisfaction

For in-house teams working with internal clients, there is often pressure to be constantly available. In fact, a 2021 survey by the Association of Corporate Counsel found that general counsel spends as much as 28% of their time offering legal advice. An FAQ bot takes on first engagements with clients, answering pressing questions immediately and accurately without having to wait for a lawyer to have time to compose a reply.


With so much information involved in the legal process, automating your FAQs helps your team understand what your clients actually want to know. This takes the guesswork out of drafting an FAQ page, and provides valuable insights about client understanding.

Alleviate bottlenecks, streamline processes

The process of receiving and redirecting questions to the correct member of the team can create frustrating sticking points in the legal process. Automating your FAQs can help keep things in motion from the very beginning, helping your team to triage complex questions and direct clients to the correct team member to address their needs. 


On top of organising inquiries, automation also makes it easy to prioritise requests by importance. This helps keep your team on track with meeting client needs, and avoids time-sensitive issues slipping through the cracks. In-house legal professionals at Fnatic, a global esports performance brand, saw marked improvements in client satisfaction after implementing automation tools. In a client survey, 100% agreed that Fnatic delivered outstanding work while offering practical, problem-solving advice. 


Additionally, automating FAQs standardises the process of providing high-quality information and advice to all clients and stakeholders. This removes inconsistencies over time and in responses from lawyer to lawyer, all while giving inquirers reliable feedback in an instant. 

Time saved with automation

Automation is often assumed to be a lengthy, complicated process. But, the continual commitment of answering each and every client inquiry manually demands far more manpower and hours than it takes to build and implement a bot. 


Ask yourself this — are you still responding to the same question day after day? Do you copy and paste responses from emails you wrote just last week? If your answer to these questions is yes, it might be time for a new way of doing things. Building just one bot to manage FAQs could give back precious hours in your week, and the process is truly simple. As clients ask, their inquiries and your responses are uploaded to the bot. The more time passes, the more comprehensive your FAQ becomes. 


Reaping the benefits of legal automation doesn’t take months of coding, training, and upkeep. In fact, at global HR and recruitment firm Randstad, in-house legal professionals gained more than 100 hours back with a single bot they built in mere hours. 

Josef delivers results for in-house teams

Josef provides automation tools designed for busy legal teams like yours. With easily implemented, no-code software, Josef can transform your processes in a matter of hours. If your in-house legal team is ready to reap the benefits of automated FAQs, reach out today to learn more about how Josef can help.

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