Josef powers Sonder to automate intake workflows

Automating intake has never been so easy.

Just ask Sonder, a leading organisational wellbeing & safety platform that’s adopted Josef to create intelligent, integrated workflows.  

Using the latest Josef + Xakia integration, the Sonder in-house legal team are looking to “automate and simplify” at every avenue possible. 

Sonder Head of Legal, Michael Bates, is leading the charge demonstrating just how innovative automated intake can be.

Simple solutions for everyone

In approaching the project, Bates was faced with a strategic challenge: How do you automate intake processes that are mutually beneficial for both those inputting the data and those triaging matters behind the scenes?  

Bates wanted to create a multi-platform ecosystem that could cut through the noise of intake and handle information seamlessly & with ease.

By creating a bridge between Josef and the legal matter management software Xakia, he was able to do just that. 

The solution was innovative yet simple. Using Josef as the client-facing intake tool, end-user data could be directly ‘pushed’ to Xakia to create a matter ready for review.

Since each matter is automatically populated by Josef, there’s no need for manual data entry. 

Integrated & future-proof

“Intake is a massive challenge for any in-house team to manage. There are competing priorities and shifting deadlines,” said Michael Bates

“With the connection between Josef and Xakia, we’ve easily saved hours of manual effort not to mention created a much more intelligent process that can scale to meet the needs of Sonder now and in the future.”


About Sonder

Since its founding in 2016, Sonder has been reimagining the way people receive timely wellbeing support.

Providing a hybrid platform of both tech-based and in-person, Sonder is ensuring they can meet their users’ safety, medical and mental health support on demand. Using aggregated data, insights & reports, users and organisations alike can identify risks, productivity impacts & potential cost savings.

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