Hong Kong law firm partner Maeva Slotine shares her Designer & Builder Program experience

The Designer & Builder Program is Josef’s world-class, free legal automation and innovation education program. 

Hundreds of legal professionals have done the program, gaining core legaltech and design skills while building a bot with Josef’s no-code interface to automate legal work!

We had a chat with Maeva Slotine, the founding partner of Hong Kong law firm Slotine, about her experience doing the Designer & Builder Program and the bot she built.

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You’re officially a certified Josef Designer & Builder! Before we get into the bot you built, tell us what you enjoyed about the DBP. 

I really enjoyed the format and that the DBP makes sure you have everything you need from the very start. You are made to think about who is going to use your bot, what issue you are trying to tackle, and what the main benefit should be. The process really encourages you to search and give thought to what you are going to build.

I’m always still learning and it’s good when I’m learning things that don’t require opening books, taking notes, and more scholarly. 

Tell us about the bot that you built.

I built a bot to inform everyone at the law firm that we are onboarding a new client or starting a new project for an existing client.

Whenever we start a relationship with an existing client or when we start a new project with an existing client, we send a written letter to the client to make clear what the scope is, what we’re going to do, and how we’re going to invoice them. This is delegated to the admin team, but I noticed that when I ask admin management to prepare a client letter, they will often come back with questions and need input about the scope. 

The bot is designed to generate a letter seamlessly pulled together by the lawyer in order to get the ball rolling in terms of compliance and setup.

  • Who?

    Maeva Slotine

  • Organisation

    Slotine Hong Kong

  • Role

    Law firm partner

  • Type of bot built

    Onboarding clients and new project bot

What were the benefits of building this intake tool?

It’s quick and there’s complete transparency. Before I instruct someone else to take over, I share all the information I have. I know it sounds super simple but it improves internal processes and lets us be more effective in our organisation.  It lets me spend more time on really meaningful work with value. Legaltech and automation processes means I don’t have to go through hundreds of emails to find out that someone at my firm needs input. 

Why is legaltech integral to the way your law firm works? 

We love tech. Not only legaltech. We are on a continuous trend to explore the functions of the tools we already have, like Office, for example. When we feel we need a holistic solution, we go shopping. Once we have tried a solution, we may stick with it or move on to try another one. Since we are prepared to try different solutions, we really appreciate the most intuitive interfaces as well as integrations. As of today, at this stage of the firm’s development, we use cloud-based solutions for time-tracking and invoicing, project management, legal transaction management, and since 2019… Josef! 

What would you say to other people, other legal professionals who are interested in doing the DBP?

Do it, try it! The commitment to satisfaction ratio is excellent.

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