Josef wins legal tech award for best enterprise implementation

We hit the big time!

The sun was truly shining in Sydney, Australia on November 14th as Josef walked away with an Australian Legal Technology Association (ALTA) Award for best enterprise collaboration with leading law firm and friends MinterEllison.

The award recognised the collaborative approach taken by Josef to support our client on their digital transformation journey. A key criteria of the award recognized how we help them identify the right processes and tasks, like documentss or contracts, to automate to get the fastest returns on investment.

Winning “Hitting The Big Time” represents a particularly sweet win for both the Josef and MinterEllison teams, noted Josef COO and Co-founder Sam Flynn.

“We’re delighted the industry is recognising the transformative work that’s enhancing the provision of legal services.” said Flynn. 

ALTA awards

We were also recognised as a finalist in three other categories.

Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

In the “Dynamic Duo” category, Josef was also recognised for its partnership with the legal matter management platform Xakia. Integrated effortlessly, the platforms are streamlining legal teams’ workflows and helping unlock the true potential of legal automation.

Aussies Abroad

Aussies Abroad

As a finalist for the “Aussies Abroad” category, Josef was praised for its continued global expansion, taking cutting-edge legal technology to the Americas, East Asia, Europe and Middle East regions. 

Social Impact

Social Impact

In the “Social Impact” category, Josef was praised for improving access to justice for communities across Australia and beyond. In collaboration with Josef, Community Legal Western Australia (CLWA) –a body that represents 26 community legal centres across the state–this year launched its Online Referral Tool. With the help of Josef, the entire population of WA can now access legal help easier than ever before.

Collaboration that adds value

Josef was identified as the right solution to complement MinterEllison’s automation and innovation toolkit, due to the simplicity and ‘speed to competency’ of our platform. What began in 2019 as an experiment to upskill lawyers has since grown into a partnership built on trust, flexibility and transparency, and a mutual interest in delivering successful outcomes for each party.

It’s a sentiment that carries over into all the client relationships we build. Working in a consultative manner we’re focused on what the client needs and supporting every client, firm or organization to offer solutions that deliver quick ROI.

Speed to competency equals quick ROI

A key part of Josef and MinterEllison’s collaboration has been helping and empowering their lawyers to ideate and build over 130 bots to solve real client issues. A key strength of Josef has been it’s ease of use, even for the least technical team members.

In the words of Chief Digital Officer Gary Adler, MinterEllison, “Josef doesn’t require coding expertise, builders can start small and keep growing out… you’ll get so much time back.”

“Automation gives them more options to reach out”, Gary said. “We’re finding clients often look for first-level knowledge insights via bots as it saves them time. For us, it saves on costs.”

Like MinterEllison our clients benefit from simplifying complex processes to easily scale legal services depending on your needs. Josef was recognized for its dedication to delivering value and helping clients automate tasks, like processes and documents, faster and more effectively.

A highlight: Minter Ellison’s CuRT bot. It automated COVID-19 information during the pandemic, accessed by organizations over 7300 times for advice in response to the crisis.

Award-winning support

It’s a unique position and privileged position to be in as a technology vendor to truly partner with our clients and it’s why we feel especially proud of this award. Josef was recognized for the levels of support provided to MinterEllison, which encompassed:

  • building and running multiple education programs for their lawyers;
  • creating a digital literacy content library;
  • launching exciting digital automation tools;
  • designing new product features for Minter Ellison; and
  • ultimately creating a blueprint for an ideal digital transformation roadmap with the creation of joint OKRs and strategic goals.

It’s a demonstration of the lengths we’ll go to support our clients.

What our other clients have to say.

Mike Gonski, Herbert Smith Freehills

Mike Gonski, Herbert Smith Freehills

I was always taught: if you can’t explain a concept to your four year old, you probably don’t actually understand it. Josef gave me the tools necessary to achieve this for my clients.

Gabrielle Nikodem, Randstad

Gabrielle Nikodem, Randstad

We researched a lot of solutions in the market. With a lot of technology solutions, you need to invest a lot of time and resources up front. But Josef was the easiest sell to my directors. It’s low commitment and low risk.

George Fellows, Fnatic

George Fellows, Fnatic

Josef’s good for us because it’s a no code platform, we’re able to do these iterations and constantly be improving things and adding extra things. We don’t have a dedicated IT team that we can go to and get them to code new features

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