Josef announces launch into United States, expands team on the ground

New York – March 8 2022

After successfully launching in the UK and Europe in 2021, legaltech startup Josef has announced their launch into the United States. The Australian-founded software company provides a no-code platform for attorneys and legal professionals to automate tasks, including lawyer-client interactions, sending emails, generating legal documents and providing legal guidance and advice. 

Founded by lawyers Tom Dreyfus and Sam Flynn and engineer Kirill Kliavin, Josef grew from their first-hand experience of the complexities of legal services and content.

With a mission of transforming the way legal services are delivered, Josef makes life easier for all involved by automating repetitive work for attorneys, and streamlining service delivery for clients. 

With a US team on the ground, Josef can better serve existing US customers, and continue to expand their already-global services and products into new teams and new territories. Josef’s founding team have confirmed that their US plans have always been central to their long-term goals.

Josef's founders, left to right: Kirill Kliavin, Tom Dreyfus, and Sam Flynn.

Josef's founders, left to right: Kirill Kliavin, Tom Dreyfus, and Sam Flynn.

“Since my time studying at Columbia Law School, I have had a deep respect for both the legal system and the legal industry in the United States”, said Josef CEO Tom Dreyfus

“Josef has always been a global company, and we’ve been fortunate to attract US customers from day one. We are excited to expand our capacity in the US to better support and drive our product’s success and our partnerships with our clients.”

Looking to the future, we see endless possibilities to grow our offering and our relationships that we have already created with some of the leading law firms throughout the United States. We are confident that we will be able to improve our technology and our offerings to better streamline the work of attorneys across the globe.”

Josef’s team on the ground in the US is being led by one of the platform’s superstar Customer Success Managers, Jake Brown, who has joined Josef from top tier law firms and top tier legal tech companies to unlock existing customers’ potential. Josef will grow the local team in the short term to bolster its presence.

Josef co-founder Sam Flynn also said the company had always had its sights set on legaltech’s global opportunity.

“Our focus has always been on transforming the way legal services are delivered, and making them more accessible for all.  Our global expansion has always been a key part of that mission. Josef is already in use by global firms and clients, with many located in the United states, and we are committed to growing our value and delivering the best of our platform to attorneys throughout the US.”

Since their launch in 2019, Josef has focused on growing their team and developing an enterprise-ready platform. Josef’s clients have grown to include major law firms, corporations and companies including Clifford Chance, ArentFox and CoreLogic

International law firm Clifford Chance’s Regional CFO/COO Americas Ira Frome said,

“Congratulations to Josef on their expansion into the US. Josef’s platform allows the Firm greater freedom to experiment with new ways of serving our clients and enables us to harness the power of our knowhow.”

ArentFox Schiff Partner Marwa Hassoun said they were excited by the possibilities that Josef’s platform offered.

“There are so many ways for us to use Josef. My work, our firm’s work, has been changing and growing rapidly and it’s really enthralling to find new ways to be more efficient. It’s helping us improve client engagement because it changes how we deliver services to them. Whenever we get a new client or a new project I immediately think of how I can use Josef to streamline this work. Josef opens up a whole new realm of potential and we couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.”

Hannah Nimot, Senior Corporate Counsel at CoreLogic, praised Josef’s ability to improve processes and speed up workflows. 

“Josef has enabled our legal team to scale the way we serve our business. We no longer need to spend time on repetitive tasks and lower-level work. Josef allows us to automate all of that, and because it’s no-code, we have complete control over how it all works. It’s only been a few months and we already turn around contracts 3x faster. For the legal team, and the business, that’s game-changing.”

Zach Posner from The LegalTech Fund said, “We’re really impressed with the team and their capacity to understand the pain points that their software is solving, and then design and implement a gorgeous product that has a spectacular user experience.”

“For us this is a product that crosses and transforms geographical boundaries, and we’re excited about the possibilities their US expansion will unlock.”

“Josef is a tool that enables anybody to code components of the law that can then be scaled to affect millions of people around the globe in a positive way.”

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