Community legal centre WEstjustice streamlines intake with Josef

Work smarter, not harder

Melbourne community legal organisation WEstjustice has struck up an invaluable relationship with Josef in an effort to streamline its intake processes. 

WEstjustice assists the people of Melbourne’s Western suburbs in legal matters ranging from consumer disputes, credit & debt, family law, tenancy, youth criminal law & more. 

With Josef, the team are working smarter, not harder, to ensure their service users can get help quicker & easier than ever before.


But why Josef?

When there’s a constant stream of enquiries passing through your desk, the admin can skyrocket. 

For WEstjustice, Josef offered the perfect tool for collecting client information. Their brand-new Enquiry bot allows the team to quickly filter through enquiries and identify those they know they can help.

A more productive use of time

Automation meant the team could apply their skills (& time) in more productive ways. 

Think less time spent on mundane, repetitive tasks and more on those complex and more pressing matters.  

Senior Office Administrator Veronika Levchenkova notes, “Before Josef, we’d experience phone overload, but nowadays the bot can do the heavy lifting for us.” 

The Josef team aren’t too bad either… 

“We received great support from the Josef team and we were confident that we’d get the help we needed to set up & complete the launch.”


Ideas brought to life

WEstjustice gave themselves the goal of planning, building, & launching their tool all within 6 months. Spoiler: they did it!

Josef is proud to support WEstjustice and to build on our shared mission of improving access to justice for all. We can’t wait to see what’s next for our newest automation superstars!

About WEstjustice

Founded in 2015, WEstjustice provides extensive legal help & education to those in Melbourne’s Western suburbs.

Operating both online and in three offices across the city, the team assists in a range of legal matters from consumer disputes to family law, fines, youth criminal law & more. 

To learn more, visit

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