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No-code automation in the legal industry has led to the rise of lawyer-developers, which applies a multiplier to legal teams’ innovation efforts, and turns every legal professional into a potential digital creator. 

But, with that rise has come the challenge of how legal teams govern and control the tools that these budding no-coders build.

Our customers, particularly those operating on a larger scale, love the fact that they can prototype at speed. But they’ve told us that they also want to maintain greater oversight and control over the bots being built and launched.

Centralised controls

And, while it may not be the shiniest new feature or “sexiest” product development, Josef’s new approval flow lets teams automate at scale, while retaining control.

Our Head of Product, Avina Al, said legal teams often still execute approval processes manually.

“For example, bot reviews and sign-offs are done by email or in meetings. We identified a gap for administrators and innovation managers.”

To encourage collaboration between bot-builders and innovation managers, we’ve built in an approval flow on Josef. The flow puts checks in place to empower innovation managers to control what their builders can launch on Josef.

“We’ve baked controls into the Josef system itself. We’ve taken this manual process and digitalised it,” said Avina.

The flow empowers all users to work together more seamlessly, and easily share their prototypes.

The flow empowers all users to work together more seamlessly, and easily share their prototypes.

Review, give feedback, launch

With the approval flow, builders can easily submit their bots to an administrator for review. Admins can dive deep into the details of a bot to review content, logic and any of the outputs that the bot produces. The approval flow also gives them the ability to provide feedback, or launch the bot if it’s ready.

The flow empowers all users to work together more seamlessly, and easily share their prototypes. 

While Josef’s vision of legal automation is that it should be distributed and democratised, we understand that the digital tools being built are powerful. It’s therefore critical for customers automating at scale to maintain a certain standard and quality across the board.

Better management capabilities

The flow is also crucial for better governance and a greater overview of the bots that exist or are being worked on. It gives innovation managers the opportunity to manage their resources more efficiently, and bridge any gaps or overlaps across teams.

In conjunction with the approval flow, Josef has a new and improved landing page to make collaboration more seamless. Admins can see any bots pending review on their landing page

The approval flow is a step towards full collaboration on Josef. Legal automation isn’t just about shiny new toys, it’s about scaling the delivery of legal services. And that’s only possible if we take seriously the governance and control that legal teams need over the automation tools that they build.

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