Why you should automate services agreements

Drafting up a document every time a service is commissioned is time-expensive

As a business expands, responsibilities begin to pile up: building relationships, hiring staff, and intaking new clients. 

All of these transactions and tasks require contracts and documentation that must be written, signed, and processed, which leads to a daunting amount of administration. 

Whether you’re from a law firm helping a client draft services agreements, or an in-house counsel helping your company manage all of this documentation, services agreements and documentation are ripe for automation.

By finding these sorts of processes that can be easily automated using Josef,  you’ll free up time to focus on higher value work.

Are services agreement documents a good candidate for automation?

Automating the creation of documents leads to countless benefits for you and your clients, including: 

  1. Saving time for everyone
  2. Making for a better client experience
  3. Guaranteeing quality and currency 
  4. Gathering accurate information

If your clients aren’t using services agreements to meet customer needs, providing them a platform to customise and produce them will bring them a huge ROI and will increase their confidence in you as their legal advisor. 

Services agreements are sometimes also referred to as requests for services forms, consultancy agreements, purchaser agreements, and B2B agreements.

How to customise and formulate documents with automation 

Implementing automation into your workflow is simple with Josef. You first upload an existing template of your desired document into our no-code platform. 

Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to customise fields based on the client and document. Our no-code system gives you a straightforward method inputting this data. 

Legal teams can customise a Josef bot to take clients through a series of questions and prompts, that automatically generates a completed, bespoke . 

Our accessible interface empowers clients to use Josef for all their document needs.

Josef bots are available around the clock, giving end-users the freedom and flexibility to tend to their document needs in their own time. The turnaround time and ready-to-go document will significantly improve client experience and satisfaction. 

Automate services agreement documents to improve your workflow and delight clients

Whether your clients are asking for service agreements, or if you just know that their business needs one to see growth, having a tool that is ready for users to interact with is the next step. 

A Josef bot built specifically to generate customised services agreements documents is a powerful tool that will emphasise the expertise, professionalism, and value of your legal team to your clients.


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