Automate property sale documents for your clients

Draft property sales documents in moments with no-code legal automation

If you’re a lawyer who works in the residential or commercial real estate business, the real-estate professionals your team serves trust you to help them provide their own clients with clear and accurate property sale documents. 

The property sale document is an important legal agreement, and your clients need to be able to trust that you will provide them with the best of the best. Automating the creation of property sale documents for your clients will streamline a repetitive process, and will ensure consistent and high-quality output. 

A property sale document is a legally binding contract once agreed to by both parties, so it’s important that your team is able to provide highly accurate, error-proof documents to clients involved in these transactions. 

Automating property sale documents

Property sale documents are a perfect candidate for automation due to the high volume of critical — but repetitive — information they include. With automation, your team will no longer have to spend hours carefully drafting each document, and your client will enjoy the benefits of a quality product in half the time. 

A property sale document, agreement, or contract typically outlines details of the exchange. Details include financials, ownership, documentation, and warranties. This lends itself well to automation – you can build a bot using Josef’s intuitive, no-code automation software to ask specific questions of your client to generate a property sale document.

Legal teams that issue property of sale documents are always collecting the same, foundational information: 

  • Who is the buyer?
  • Who is the seller?
  • What is the agreed purchase price?
  • What deposit or earnest will be paid to enact the agreement?
  • What is the date of the sale?
  • What is still needed to complete the sale?
  • What conditions may terminate the agreement and cancel the sale?

Josef’s platform allows legal professionals to automate documents by using an intuitive, no-code bot builder platform. Your templates can be quickly and easily converted into a fully automated chatbot or smart form interface that end-users interact with.

We have prioritised usability and accessibility in the creation of Josef bots, ensuring clients will have an experience that is professional, true to your brand, free of human error, and done in their own time. 

Property sale documents are unique to certain clients, but any documents you create frequently can be automated with Josef.

You can build your bot to collect any information you need, and automatically email documents to the involved parties.

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