Why you should automate privacy policies

Privacy is of the utmost importance when collecting and using data

Data security and the confidentiality of information should never be in question, given that data is embedded in nearly every corporate process.

In today’s data-driven world,  it is imperative that information is handled with care.

However, the process by which a company develops and employs safeguards to protect against data breaches can be both complex and time-consuming. This is especially true when it comes to privacy policies. 

Your clients may be overwhelmed by developing an ironclad privacy policy that will protect them from liability. Offer them the tools they need – and demonstrate your expertise – by integrating a Josef bot into your privacy policy drafting process.

What goes into a privacy policy document for a company?

A company’s privacy policy is a legal document that states how the data of customers collected via a website is handled and processed. 

This policy should explicitly state whether the data is completely confidential between user and company, or if it is ever shared or sold to a third-party company.

The privacy policy for a company should also clearly inform the user what information is being collected, including names, photos, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and payment information.

Another factor for some companies is whether or not the company’s webapps or mobile applications collect location information on users. If your client uses these features, it is essential to include in a privacy policy. 

Ultimately, a high-quality privacy policy increases transparency, which translates into greater customer trust in the company. 

Equipping your corporate clients with the tools they need to develop and execute a top-notch privacy policy will, in turn, build the trust they have in you as their legal advisor.

Why should I automate privacy policies?

Building a Josef bot that interacts with your client to generate a fully customised privacy policy will lead to higher levels of trust, confidence, and requests for services in the future.

A Josef bot goes beyond saving time for you or your team, and creates a user experience that defines your brand and keeps clients coming back to you for your expertise and your high-end deliverables.

The professionalism, usability and accessibility that a client experiences when interacting with a Josef bot will keep you top of mind when your clients have further needs for their business.

Using Josef’s platform to automate documents like privacy policies for your clients allows you to cut out repetitive tasks that take unnecessary time, and standardises the quality of output. Automation minimises the risk of input errors and maximises accuracy, crucial for high-stake documents such as a privacy policy. 

Additionally, without the need for 1-on-1 calls or meetings to collect information, you’ll be able to deliver these documents to your clients with a much faster turnaround time, increasing client satisfaction. 

As your legal team scales, a Josef bot will keep information organised and available in one centralised location, which is vital to keeping your legal team organised as you scale.

Churning out privacy policies over and over again?

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