Why you should automate a legal audit questionnaire

Audit with ease

A legal audit questionnaire is a vital tool to assist legal teams in assessing compliance of laws and regulations.

Law firms are often asked to conduct these for clients, and corporate counsel are often required to do this for the business they serve.  Legal audit questionnaires can be needed in response  to a regulatory requirement, an investigation, or a transaction.

Legal audit questionnaires provide a systematic rubric for businesses in order to assess their legal strengths and weaknesses in depth. By completing these questionnaires, clients are able to identify key areas that need further work. This knowledge is crucial for clients to maintain a transparent and lawful organisation. 

An automated legal audit questionnaire provides an easy and enjoyable user experience for clients to interact with, and lets legal teams focus on the actual results of the audit report and what the next steps for the clients are.

Implementing automation to your workflow

Businesses can request a law firm or legal counsel to conduct legal audits for a variety of different fields or reasons. With Josef’s advanced no-code automation software, legal teams can easily build legal audit questionnaires in the form of a chatbot or a smart form to take users down a route that is specific to them.

Legal professionals can create a custom Josef bot to guide clients through the questionnaire. Building a bot on Josef is as simple as clicking, typing, dragging and dropping to create a series of connecting messages and pathways.

Legal teams can then upload one of their existing legal audit report templates on Josef’s platform and connect it to the bot, if they wish. The bot populates the document according to the answers it receives. 

Clients can enter specific data into the questionnaire, including freeform text, dates, emails, links, documents and more. Josef’s intelligent system can capture this data and automate a form ready for review.


Josef bots also never sleep, meaning bots are available 24/7 and clients can self-serve on our platform at any moment. It’s a level of availability that would be nearly impossible for a busy legal team.  

This revolutionary step in automation technology removes the middle-man from the equation. Legal teams can bypass the process of gathering data themselves from the client or business. It allows legal teams to access more comprehensive data to better serve clients.

Instead, lawyers and in-house counsel teams can focus on the results of the audit to maximise productivity in meetings with clients, and clients will be delighted with the sleek communication format our bots use.

Focus on the answers, not the questions

By automating your legal audit questionnaire with Josef, you can save time, break free from the tedious task of asking questions and taking notes, and distribute a quality product to clients in no time. Free from human error, automation software ensures an accurate final product. 

This allows your legal team to focus on assisting your clients with the results of their audit, helping them improve their overall legal health. It also gives you access to cleaner and more complete data, meaning that the results of the process are more certain, and that you can do more with it in the future.

It enables you to better employ your expertise and focus on the real heavy-lifting of the task at hand. 

Your team will efficiently be able to put into practice what they were hired to do without the headache of the preliminary steps of document formulation. 

In doing so, you save time, resources, and reduce the risk of human error.

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