Why you should automate an Employee Leave of Absence

Let automation do the routine admin work

For any organisation or business, Employee Leave of Absence requests are expected. These may be frequent or infrequent, depending on the size of the company, but it is vital that businesses are prepared to handle these requests at any moment. 

At Josef, we specialise in automating legal documents that companies use every day. If your law firm serves multiple companies, or if you belong to a business’ in-house team within the legal department, it is beneficial to consider how the automation of these forms can improve your team’s workflow and productivity. 

Josef’s automation platform can equip your in-house legal team to deliver legal documents, forms, and contracts to the rest of the business  when they need them. Employees may request time off work for any number of reasons, and with Josef’s no-code legal automation platform you can develop Employee Leave of Absence forms that meet the needs of each and every client.

The ultimate goal of these request forms is to ensure the correct information is collected for approval or disapproval according to company policy. 

What are the features of an Employee Leave of Absence request form?

Any business that provides leave benefits typically has an application process where employees must request a leave of absence. A business should already have their policy on when and why leave is granted or not granted. It should be available   whether leave is paid or unpaid, and  should follow both state and federal regulations.

Understanding what is common amongst company leave policies will help you develop a bot that automates Employee Leave of Absence request forms for any client that needs one.

When preparing to automate an Employee Leave of Absence request form with Josef, consider what information is needed. 

Nearly every form will collect the reason for leave to determine approval. Additionally, a common factor across all forms would be the duration of employee leave. Lastly, any details necessary to determine compensation and benefits during the leave should be collected through the form.

You should understand the leave laws in the areas in which your clients do work so that you can ensure that your Employee Leave of Absence request forms are within the legal requirements. 

Automating Employee Leave of Absence documents 

Simply build a bot in the form of a chatbot or smart form using Josef’s user-friendly flow chart feature. Create a flow that manifests as a simple chatbot, allowing employees to self-serve. The information can be generated as a document for record-keeping, and/or sent as an email notification to the relevant people. Josef also stores all responses in one centralised space.

Delivering documents with high accuracy and a quick turnaround time is valuable to both your team and clients. Taking the time to analyse documents, such as Employee Leave of Absence request forms can give you great insight into what variables should be included in the automation process. 

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