Why you should automate demand letters for your clients

Take the stress out of urgent demand letters with automation

As a legal professional, you might often find yourself discussing demand letters with clients as a precursor to more serious legal action.

Whether you work for an in-house team serving the rest of the business, or you’re a lawyer at a firm that primarily serves small businesses, large corporations, or private individuals, your clients rely on your expertise to handle potential legal disputes with urgency, professionalism and confidence.

Using a Josef bot to generate customised demand letters for clients that meets legal requirements simplifies an otherwise complicated (and stressful) process for clients and attorneys.

Automating demand letters by entering some details to generate a complete, official document benefits your team immensely – from shortening the turnaround time it takes to finalise a demand letter, to ensuring an error-free, high standard across every letter issued. 

Automating demand letters for your clients

A demand letter is a perfect candidate for automation. Easily build a bot  using your legal knowledge and experience to generate a demand letter, customised for each client based on the answers you input. 

Josef takes over your most tedious processes with precision, efficiency, and ease for both legal professionals and clients alike. 

By handing over the task of crafting complex demand letters to a Josef bot, your legal team can get back to doing what they do best.

Respond to client needs quickly and effectively

By their nature, demand letters are a time-sensitive matter. When clients are preparing to take potential legal action, turnaround time is of highest importance. 

Automation allows your team to quickly draft a letter without compromising on its efficacy. In moments, Josef’s bot can transform client data into a compelling, precise demand letter ready to be emailed or mailed to its intended recipient.

Accuracy matters

As with any important legal document, demand letters require the highest degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Automation ensures that your team—and your client—puts their best foot forward with a demand letter marked by its accuracy and precision. 

By streamlining the document creation process, drafting a demand letter is as simple as plugging in relevant information specific to the client and allowing Josef’s no-code bot to do the rest.

Automate demand letters and other legal documents

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