Why you should automate a Terms of Business agreement

Guide your clients with a chatbot or smart form

Automate Terms of Business agreements to improve workflows and bring consistency to deliverables at your law firm or in-house legal team.

Introduce your clients to Josef bots you’ve purpose-built – without any code, simply plug and play – to generate contracts like a Terms of Business agreement. Not only do clients benefit from the end results of a Josef bot, such as getting a final and ready-to-go document – the chatbot or smart form they interact with also helpfully guides them through the structure and purpose of the document.

Terms of Business agreements can get extremely lengthy, wordy, and full of clauses and jargon. Your clients will look to you for guidance. Automating these documents gives your clients the assistance and deliverables they need in a way that is uniform, on-brand and, most importantly, lets you scale with ease. 

Automating for precision

Along with automating simple tasks that occur frequently, Josef bots can also help your team generate longer legal documents for your clients. 

Terms of Business agreements, which are intended to define terms in a way that is clear and inarguable, can get lengthy quickly. 

Rather than spending hours drafting a Terms of Business agreement for a client, Josef allows your clients to input their own information and quickly generate a quality document in less than half the time. Automating also ensures that the output is accurate and well-defined.

Developing your brand with automation

Documents are a critical part of your legal team’s operation. Each contract or document that you present to a client is a representation of the quality of work you do. 

Automation allows your team to defend a reputation for excellence, accuracy, and attention to detail. Creating a bot for document generation removes the risk of human errors showing up in your final product, ensuring that clients only receive the highest quality outcomes. 

How does automation work? 

At Josef, automation is as easy as uploading your existing Terms of Business agreement template to a customisable bot. After you share the bot with your clients, they will be able to self-serve by answering the questions you’ve put together, which then  generates a finished Terms of Business agreement in moments. 

The bot takes over the tedious job of drafting complex legal documents like a Terms of Business agreement, allowing your legal team to get back to doing what you do best. 

Automate contracts, agreements, and documents with Josef

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Josef specialises in the automated creation of legal documents at scale for legal professionals, while maintaining high levels of client satisfaction. 

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