Why you should automate a Declaration of Consent

Create transparency and eliminate liability with automation

Transparency in the exchange of data and information in today’s world has become a pressing issue – and requirement – in recent years. 

There is a broad array of situations today in which a Declaration of Consent is required or highly recommended, especially given our data-driven world.

Legal teams and corporate counsel serving common documents like a Declaration of Consent form for clients and businesses can greatly benefit from automation.

Legal teams can build a Josef bot to take clients through a series of questions and prompts that automatically generates a completed, bespoke Declaration of Consent form. This form, like many legal tasks, is common, repeatable, and has consistent variables.

A Declaration of Consent is a document that, for example, protects the privacy of employee and customer information. It also eliminates liability and offers legal protection for an organisation or business that gathers personal data. 

When building a Josef bot in the form of a chatbot or smart form to generate a Declaration of Consent, language should be clear and easily understood, without legal jargon. The form can be emailed to the end-user for their own records, and integrated with apps that require a signature.

When collecting personal information, failing to properly inform customers or employees can have adverse consequences. In our digitising world, stricter laws and regulations are being enacted to protect personal information. Failure to obtain consent could lead to hefty fines or even legal repercussions.

Automation helps to standardise these common, legal documents at scale, and ensures that there is no room for error. Clients can also self-serve, allowing Josef to do the routine, repetitive grunt work and letting lawyers get back to strategic work.

Josef’s platform can make automating documents for your clients quicker, more manageable, and with improved consistency and quality of output. Using a Josef bot gives you more control over input errors and document accuracy across legal documents, including a Declaration of Consent. Being able to collect this information asynchronously will save you and your clients time.

Improve your legal team’s workflow with automation

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