Designer & Builder Program

Learn world class innovation skills and how to build a legal bot

We want to introduce you to, and give you an understanding of, the most important skills needed to make legal innovation, technology and automation work for you. 

As with everything at Josef, we’ll be doing this in a hands-on way. So, you will learn how to build a fully-functioning, well-designed bot on Josef. To do this, you will have access to a free Josef trial account for the duration of the program!

This course is the culmination of years of work, including with some of the world’s leading law schools and law firms. It also draws on the Josef team’s expertise, in our work as academics, lawyers, technologists, designers, strategists and engineers.

The program will cover: 

– Module 0: Using Josef

– Module 1: Legal design and ideation.

– Module 2: Computational law and conditional logic.

– Module 3: User experience design.

– Module 4: Launching digital legal tools.

Though course content is geared towards using Josef, it will still be valuable for anyone wanting to innovate in the legal sector. 

And, in response to the pandemic, we’re currently offering this course for free.

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Go at your own pace

As a participant, you’ll receive an email each week containing some high level information, instructions for completion, and a link to the course content. You can complete the modules as quickly as you would like to and at any time within the five week period.

Each module should take you less than 2 hours to complete and comprises videos, theoretical material and practical tasks.

Earn a career credential

By the end of the program, we want you to have built a fully-functioning, well-designed bot on Josef.

If you submit this bot for our review, you could be certified as a Josef Designer and Builder.

Simply submitting a bot will not guarantee certification. It needs to be well designed, and useful. However, if you’ve completed the course, that shouldn’t be an issue at all!

“Doing practical work all the way through worked really well too, it wasn't just theory, theory, theory.”
– Designer & Builder Program participant


“This was an excellent course! I loved the chance to learn about how to improve user experience. Not only did it teach me how I can provide simpler services to clients – but it also made me realise why I love using Josef!”

“I enjoyed the modules, the pace was just right and I liked the way that each of the topics was covered. The idea of doing practical work all the way through worked really well too, it wasn’t just theory, theory, theory and then build.”

“The course is excellent, the program itself is great, and the support is outstanding.”

“This was a great opener for this type of program. My manager suggested I do this course. I really enjoyed this module! It gave me the right amount of information without going overboard. It was easy to understand and in plain English. I actually thought it would be a lot more difficult to build a bot that it was!”

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