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People don’t read policies. Standards, regulations, and handbooks sit unused and unloved.

Josef Q transforms complex legal and compliance content into digital Q&A tools that deliver answers on demand.

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Join our legal experts Sam and James as they show you how you can take all of your internal policies, playbooks and guides and turn them into digital Q&A tools. Here's what you can expect:

- Learn how GenAI can help save time, scale your legal services and delight staff and clients.

- A showcase of all the types of tools you can build with Josef to streamline your everyday legal tasks.

- Got a use case you’re struggling to solve? We can help you conceptualize and build it during the meeting!

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GenAI power with unrivaled control

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Try asking questions like "Who does this policy apply to?"

Why Josef Q?

Reduce risk with unrivaled control

Josef Q's industry-leading, human-in-the-loop controls and pre- processing enables legal and compliance teams to safely deliver accurate, reliable answers hands-free.

Don’t waste time answering FAQs

Losing time and money to mundane FAQs? Hand them over to Josef Q so your team can focus their expertise elsewhere and generate the most value for your business.

Reduce bottlenecks easily

No one likes getting held back. Give your users instant access to corporate knowledge with GenAI-powered Q&As. Josef Q puts streamlined, simplified operations firmly within reach.

Access audit trails anytime

Access audit trails to track user engagement, identify and fill content gaps, and improve your organization's compliance over time.

Scale services hassle-free

With Josef Q in your back pocket, you can scale your department's services at speed, and no technical expertise is required, meaning anyone can upload content and launch tools.

No coding required – just GenAI

Josef’s Q’s proprietary pre-processing capabilities means that you can deploy GenAI in legal and compliance without a single line of code.

What's the cost of getting things wrong? If you don't read certain policies, and the wrong person signs the contract, then it's not enforceable. You can put a monetary value on that.

Alexis Alexander, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Liberis
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