What kind of legaltech teammate are you? You're ... Dennis Denuto!

“It's justice, it's law, it's the vibe, and uh... no, that's it — it's the vibe. I rest my case.”

If you were in the music industry, you’d be rapper Drake. (Or, for the legal design nerds out there, you’re the “ideation phase” of design-thinking.) You’re in your feelings, and you’re spontaneous and impulsive, like lawyer Dennis Denuto in the Australian film classic The Castle.

The compass you follow is The Vibe. It’s the vibe of the thing. You’re a huge empath, and you’re able to focus on bigger picture issues without getting stuck in the granular details. Your easy going nature can put you at odds with the straight-laced world of the law, but it also means you’re able to block out all the “legaltech noise” and focus on what matters.

What kind of legal bot would Dennis build?

Dennis doesn’t have time to work through the details – he wants an intake bot so a short and pithy summary of the case lands in his inbox without having to lift a finger. 

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