What kind of legaltech teammate are you? You're ... Amal Clooney!

“The right to a fair trial is fundamental to all of our rights and to democracy.”

You’re a leader and a gun, and you ensure everything in your team runs like clockwork, just like barrister Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin), who specialises in international law and human rights. You’re an expert legaltech project manager: you delegate well, stay across the details, follow up and make sure everything is running smoothly. 

You’re the glue that keeps the team together. But sometimes, because you’re in the thick of it, you can easily lose track of the big picture. Take time to remember why you’re doing this! To change the world, you have to have a vision for what it looks like on the other side.

What kind of legal bot would Amal build?

Amal’s committed to protecting open and free societies. We think Amal would build a whistleblower legal bot that people could access confidentiality and securely to learn their rights in different jurisdictions, submit information security and put the wheels of justice into motion.

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