Make managing risk and compliance easier

Managing and monitoring your compliance is time-consuming, repetitive and often low-value work.

So what if you could automate it?

With Josef you can automate advice and compliance by building digital tools like FAQ and advice bots which reduce repetitive and distracting work, while allowing your organisation to self-serve quickly and easily.

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More than “yes” and “no”

Compliance is not always straightforward. Josef allows you to easily build bots with advanced logic so you can learn and adapt as change happens. Easily update the advice you provide based on previous answers, build user-friendly conversational loops, and even make calculations.

Start delighting your clients and letting your bots answer compliance questions for you with Josef.

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“With a lot of technology solutions, you need to invest a lot of time and resources upfront. But Josef was the easiest sell to my directors. It’s low commitment and low risk.”
– Gabrielle Nikodem, General Counsel at Randstad

A friendly advisor

Josef bots can provide hints, tips and links to further resources, all in a conversational interface that your clients will love. By embedding it on the intranet or website, clients will have immediate access to the information they need.

Discover how in-house teams like yours are using Josef

Why Josef?

No-code for in-house legal. Free white paper.

Learn how leading in-house legal teams are navigating rapid growth for success with these 9 no-code solutions.

Learn how to:

  • Manage increased workload without increasing headcount
  • Make data-driven decisions for ‘passive’ management
  • Harness technology to facilitate institutional knowledge
  • Leverage automation tools to close deals – faster
  • Turbocharge client self-service
  • Mitigate heightened risk & compliance burdens
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Learn how you can build legal bots to:

  • automate lawyer-client interactions
  • seamlessly generate automated documents
  • provide scalable legal guidance and advice

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