Help your people work smarter and delight your clients with easy and powerful legal automation. Put automation in the hands of your team, inspiring them to do better, and empowering them to drive change.

What is Josef Q?

Josef Q transforms your policies and regulations into simple digital Q&A tools in minutes with AI.

In a world where legal, compliance and HR teams are under pressure to do more and more with less, Josef Q gives them the power to deliver instant answers to regulatory, policy and compliance questions. This is a high-tech knowledge management tool that dramatically reduces the time spent answering FAQs for professionals who should be – and want to be! – spending their time on higher-value work.

What is Josef?

Josef is a game-changing no-code automation platform that puts the power to create digital legal tools in the hands of attorneys, corporate counsel, and legal ops professionals.

With Josef, legal teams of all sizes can easily create and launch their own legal bots to save time on repetitive tasks, improve the client experience, and focus on higher-value strategic work.

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Anyone can create powerful legal tools with Josef. Learn how Josef can help you save time, scale your services, and delight staff and clients.

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