How MKI used Josef to win new clients and save time

Unfair dismissal laws can be difficult

Employees need to know whether they have a case, without paying a lot for the answer. Similarly, lawyers don’t have time to answer the question, unless it’s for someone they can assist.

This is the story of how one innovative firm used Josef to solve this problem, helping thousands of people in need, generating over 300 potential leads and saving many of hours of unpaid work.


As a firm specialising in employment law, unfair dismissal claims are a core part of MKI’s business. Prospective clients want to know if they have a case worth pursuing before engaging a lawyer.

Many claims they assessed were not viable cases. Even with a team of lawyers, reviewing and assessing these enquiries was a time-consuming process which impacted the firm’s bottom line.

MKI Director Nicholas Marouchak wanted to help more people who were going through a tough time, and spend less time assessing and advising on non-viable claims.



MKI used Josef to build a dismissal bot for its clients. Through a quick and easy online assessment, the bot gathered information to help analyse whether a client had a valid unfair dismissal claim.

At the end of the process, if they have a case, the client may choose to notify an MKI lawyer, enabling them to access legal help and seek resolution of their claim.

“Josef was really easy to use, with a low learning curve. It had all the options we needed, and anyone can use it no matter how technologically advanced they are. It was just easy.”
– Nicholas Marouchak, Director at MKI Legal

At a glance

  • 50 hours saved

    within a short period of time

  • 300+ potential leads

    generated for the firm


A differentiator and magnet for client leads

Marouchak refers to the bot as a lead magnet. Having a bot was a differentiator for the firm that helped MKI open up new business segments and generate over 300 potential leads.

Since the bots helped clients realise they had a case, clients were then more likely to call the firm and pursue claims. After launching, the bot also attracted enquiries from new market segments of customers with unmet needs.

Helping people in need

Through the bot, MKI provided hundreds of people with useful information and a positive experience that they couldn’t get elsewhere.

“Through the process of digitising the law, and the data we generated, we were able to better understand and serve our customers,” Marouchak quipped.

A timesaver for the firm

The bot acted as a triage bot, identifying urgent and priority cases, and allowing MKI’s team to focus on clients they could assist.

By automating information gathering, the bot saved the firm hours of work.

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