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The perfect legaltech education tool

IE Law School’s approach to education is distinctly innovative, global, and defined by the needs of future legal professionals who seek to explore law’s intersection with technology and other dynamic disciplines.

Professor of Law, Peter Handal, identified the need for students to have hands-on experience with what they are learning and acquire the capabilities that they can start using right after graduating. He identified Josef as the ideal solution for educating lawyers as it allows them to easily ideate, design and create their own legaltech solutions without the need to code. Aptly titled Techniques and Technologies for Legaltech, the course allows students to acquire vital knowledge and skills on how to automate many different legal tasks.

Preparing the next generation

The legal industry is changing rapidly, and clients are demanding innovative ways to consume legal services. There is a need for legal professionals that are well-versed in technology to help transform the way they work every day according to Handal.

“The course is about the techniques and technologies that legaltech solutions use ‘under the hood’. The course covers topics such as types of legaltech tools, document automation, expert systems, knowledge representation, logic, data-driven AI and rule-based solutions,” shared Peter Handal.

“Digital transformation of the legal industry is something that is gaining momentum globally, and it is unstoppable. Technology is not going to replace lawyers, but lawyers that use technology are going to replace lawyers that don’t.”

“Young lawyers should be very excited about what is coming in the future, as they will experience a transformation of the legal industry like no other generation has before.”

“Technology is not going to replace lawyers, but lawyers that use technology are going to replace lawyers that don’t. ”
– Peter Handal, Professor of Law, IE Law School

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