US warehousing leader Link Logistics at the forefront of legal automation innovation

Automating for the future of logistics

Link Logistics is the owner and operator of the largest portfolio of logistics real estate located exclusively in the US. (5% of US GDP flows through their warehouses annually!)

With that much cargo on the move, and having built its reputation on being at the cutting edge of logistics technology, Link Logistics is constantly seeking new ways to innovate and find efficiencies. Their legal department is no different.

In a world where delivery in full and on time is critical, contracts and documents which facilitate these transactions aren’t just important – they’re an intrinsic part of how a business like Link Logistics does business. 

Link Logistics turned to Josef to cut back the hours previously logged on repetitive documents. By adopting automation to streamline their workflows, the legal team is now supporting the business to meet client needs faster and more effectively. 

Easy legal automation = more productivity gains

“I think a lot of legal work has pretty obvious patterns if you’ve been doing it for a while. There’s been very little effort that’s been made to automate those patterns up till now, so I think there’s an opportunity there,” said Patrick Kassen, General Counsel at Link Logistics.

“Josef is intuitive and it’s also flexible. Once you start to automate, it’s more organised, it cuts down on your time — so the improvements are immediate,” said Kassen.

According to Kassen, it made the potentially overwhelming task of automating their most high-volume tasks feel both possible and approachable.

“On a human level, it takes care of a lot of the less attractive work people have to do. There’s a lot of work that’s not particularly creative or stimulating that could be made more efficient,” said Kassen.

With a goal of one day building more than 100 digital tools to tackle all kinds of documents, Kassen began automating five of his most time-consuming processes. And the results? Link Logistics saw immediate improvements in the time it took their team to produce a document

“I think lawyers are just too busy, but that is changing right now with the no-code automation. The way Josef does things makes it more intuitive and less intimidating.”

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