Tackled with tech: 4 legal superheroes’ biggest pain-points and go-to solutions

Reactive firefighting, technophobia, and limited bandwidth often obstruct legal and compliance teams from being key business enablers.

But not to fear… legaltech is here!

Here’s how L’Oréal, Bumble and beyond achieve more with Josef.

Firefighting ad-hoc requests: L’Oréal’s strategy

L’Oréal Legal Counsel, Candy Welsh says, “When you’re in damage control, no-one’s at their best.”

“But when everyone has the tools and processes they need, lawyers can create more lead times and work through bigger issues as well.”

Learn how Candy limits reactive work in our interview.

Technophobia when it comes to AI

Bridget Mary McCormack, President and CEO of the American Arbitration Association points to some of the questions surrounding legal AI right now. “There are lots of discussions in the legal profession about the ethics and biases surrounding GenAI,” Bridget says. 

“I definitely am part of most of those conversations. They’re important, but we’re not going to waste time between now and when lawyers figure it all out because then it’s going to be too late.”

Learn why the American Arbitration Association chose Josef Q for its legal AI, knowledge management needs.

Enhancing bandwidth for in-depth analysis

Teodora Pimpireva Tapping, Bumble’s Global Head of Privacy has reaped the benefits of legal automation first hand. “By automating legal compliance, you can actually focus on in-depth analysis rather than filling out a spreadsheet,” she says.

“This allows us, as privacy 
professionals, to dig deeper into the legal question at hand and not think, ‘Oh no,
yet another tedious compliance question.'”

Watch Teodora reach “dangerous levels of privacy geek” in conversation with Josef Co-founder and COO Sam Flynn.

Managing variability in regulations

Jonathan Crook, Partner at US law firm Fisher Phillips is a compliance automation expert. “If every lawyer who practiced employment law spent 2-3 hours a day looking at legislative developments, it just wouldn’t work,” he says.

“Creating tools is about making lawyers better at their jobs by freeing them up to apply their mental faculties and their energy toward strategic discussions with clients.”

Learn how to become an compliance automation expert like Jonathan.

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