Northern Community Legal Centre adopts Josef to increase access to justice

Vital community resources, automated.

The Northern Community Legal Centre in Victoria, Australia provides a vital resource for vulnerable clients requiring legal help in times of need.

In times of increased demand and with limited resources, their new Josef tools assist them by providing additional information about the clients accessing their service. This enables the team to prioritise according to legal need. 

Like many forward-thinking organisations, they opted to automate and turned to Josef to empower their team.


Secure & accessible

NCLC needed a secure & efficient way to process sensitive client information. Its delivery also needed to be “timely and comfortable” for both clients and those processing the data behind the scenes.

To kick-start their automation journey, the team chose to build a suite of multi-lingual triage & intake tools.

Supportive, collaborative building

Ideating, planning, building, launching. It’s a lot!

Automating triage & intake processes can be a tall order. It’s therefore always helpful when the building tool makes your workday a little easier.

Josef is proudly no-code. It’s why our customers love us and continue to build on the platform. NCLC is no different.

“Our staff are not technical experts, but with the supportive training provided we were able to build and continually improve on function and design,” noted Northern Community Legal Centre CEO Jenni Smith.

Once built, the generated data required an endpoint. Using Josef notifications, NCLC was able to align its tools with pre-existing intake systems.

“For example, generating a form that mirrored our intake forms is automatically emailed to our admin team. This ensures we respond efficiently and promptly to new requests for legal appointments,” said Smith.

Access to justice now & beyond

The future of NCLC’s automation journey looks bright!

With Josef, the team are helping those in need, collecting vital strategic data while quickly referring those who fall outside their catchment area to their closest, and most valuable, points of contact.

“As a community legal service, one of the key benefits for using Josef is the capacity to capture information about the clients who meet our service requirements. Those who do not fall within our service guidelines are referred to other agencies. In this way, we can gather additional information regarding the legal needs of our community and identify gaps that should be considered in our strategic planning process.”

All this and NCLC are just getting started.

Josef is honoured to work alongside the team at NCLC and we eagerly await their next steps in automation.

About NCLC

Founded in 2016, the Northern Community Legal Centre works to increase access to justice via legal services, community legal education and law reform. In doing so they serve the needs of those most vulnerable and disadvantaged in Melbourne’s North West.

To learn more about their work, visit

To see what they’ve built on Josef, check out their triage tool available in both Arabic and English.

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