Nordic Bioscience seamlessly automates research project templates with Josef

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    Nordic Bioscience A/S

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    Research Project Template

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    Louise Krogh Vammen

Nordic Bioscience A/S specialises in preclinical and clinical drug development and precision medicine using biomarkers. Safe to say, research is the pinnacle of this Denmark-based company, which is why its legal team uses Josef to streamline and automate research project propositions.

We speak to Nordic Bioscience’s Group General Counsel, Louise Krogh Vammen, to spotlight the Research Project Template bot they built and use!

“The bot generates the correct draft in minutes as opposed to before, where it could take days or weeks.”
– Louise Krogh Vammen

Tell us about the Research Project Template you built with Josef. Why did you build it and for what purpose? Walk us through it! 

Nordic discusses a lot of research projects each year. Even though we have document templates, making these templates as user-friendly as possible so that users have to do as little as possible to the template before sending it to our collaborator for review proved difficult. Before Josef, we had 4 templates that had very little differences content-wise, but these variations make a huge difference from a legal point of view.

Having 4 templates made selecting the correct template harder, which resulted in an elevated risk of incorrect templates being shared with collaborators. 

Because of this risk, we required all templates to be requested from our legal function. This added more work to our legal team’s already high number of tasks, which meant it took too long for templates to be returned to the requestor.

Now, users just answer a few questions, and based on the answers, the bot generates the correct draft in minutes as opposed to before where it could take days or weeks!


What was it like building with Josef?

I had to get used to the logic behind the platform and the document editor, but once I had figured that out, building the bot was easy. I did have a few things that either did not work out as I had planned or that I simply could not get to work, but on those occasions the Josef support team were very quick to help me out and solve the issues.

Tell us about the benefits you’ve observed (for your team, and for users) since using Josef. And if there’s anything else you’d like to add, please do!

The single greatest benefit is, without a doubt, the low turnaround time and me not stressing over never having time to draft the templates for the requestors. 

Also, the bot never attends meetings, sleeps, gets sick or takes vacations, so when I’m in a meeting or out of the office, everyone can still get their drafts and no projects need to wait for me.

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