Mills Oakley’s Everyday Justice uses Josef to help more clients faster

Legal help made accessible

When it comes to seeking legal help, not everyone can afford to hire a lawyer. Not-for-profit law firm Everyday Justice – a charitable law firm owned by Mills Oakley – helps people access legal help for everyday legal problems, such as debt and workplace issues.

The team at Everyday Justice wanted help streamlining their processes, particularly when assessing enquiries from new clients or recruiting volunteers.

Here’s how they used Josef and no-code automation to do just that.

Intake & triage made efficient

Intake and triage can be a pain point for any legal aid organization. It can be slow, repetitive, and inefficient. With Josef, Everyday Justice has built an intake bot as an online access point for help-seekers. Integrated on their website, the bot securely collects key information about a help-seeker’s legal problem and assesses if Everyday Justice might be able to help.

“Now that our intake bot been in use for a while, we are mapping changes to expand its capacity and make the intake process more targeted and efficient,” said Amy Burton, Managing Lawyer at Everyday Justice.

Recruiting the next generation of pro bono lawyers

Everyday Justice also uses Josef to streamline recruitment of practical legal training students and recent graduates who are interested in completing an internship with them.

“The bot allows candidates to easily answer targeted questions and upload a CV and cover letter to express interest in volunteering with Everyday Justice. It has made the process more streamlined,” said Burton.

Everyday Justice is also testing the use of Josef bots to automate processes and collect data in off-boarding surveys with interns. This allows the team to capture volunteers’ insights about their experiences of the internship program.

Finding the right tool

Everyday Justice needed a no-code automation platform that was easy to use and intuitive. The bot also had to be straightforward for visitors to the website, who had to submit information to get legal help.

It was also important for Everyday Justice that the system could be integrated with their practice management software and to also make the conflict checking process straightforward. Getting their staff up to speed on using new software was also key to ensuring they can get their bot up and going quickly.

“We also wanted it to be easy for staff and volunteers to iterate our bots based on client feedback and learnings from our legal practice, so that we didn’t need to rely on an external company to make those changes for us,” noted Amy Burton, Managing Lawyer at Everyday Justice.

The Results

“The Josef platform has delivered on all counts. We have been able to create and iterate bots in-house, though it’s been great to access the Josef team’s expertise whenever we needed their help,” noted Burton.

Using Josef’s intake bot has helped Everyday Justice save time by reducing the amount of administrative work involved in triaging new clients, allowing them to divert more resources into helping people with their legal problems.

“Based on our chats with the Josef team, we know that we are only scratching the surface of what Josef can help Everyday Justice to achieve. We look forward to making our intake bot even more efficient and user-friendly, and working with the Josef team to develop other bots that we can use externally to benefit clients, and internally to benefit our wonderful staff and volunteers.”

About Everyday Justice

Everyday Justice is a national free legal service with a mission to help people who have ‘everyday’ legal issues but can’t afford a lawyer, and to advance legal education. Everyday Justice has created a holistic learning environment for law graduates and newly qualified lawyers who are interested in gaining legal experience in social justice and public interest matters.

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To see what they’ve built on Josef, check out their intake and triage bot here.

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