Educate & scale: Lacuna Professional Solutions launches innovative tools to serve clients & expand their reach

Josef was designed with busy legal professionals in mind.

From automating repetitive tasks to client intake and document drafting, Josef equips even the smallest legal teams with the tools and capabilities to transform how they work. The award-winning team at Lacuna Professional Solutions on the other hand uncovered some very innovative use cases for Josef’s platform and we have to admit, we’re pretty impressed.

We sat down with the team from Lacuna Professional Solutions to hear their story. Co-founder Bronwyn Eynon-Lewis and Lacuna’s digital marketing specialist, Jordenne Swaby shared the fun, exciting and innovative ways they are leveraging Josef’s legal automation tools to build bots that can help all sorts of professional services and service providers far beyond the legal sector. Enjoy!

Tell us about Lacuna Solution’s journey and what you do?

Bronwyn: “Lacuna Legal Providers launched in 2019 but we diversified to become Lacuna Professional Solutions this year. The business was intended to help lawyers who had ventured out on their own by providing the management and administrative support found in larger firms, including marketing, business development, digital marketing, tenders and proposals, events, and executive coaching. Not everybody needs these services 100% of the time so we provide the services on a retainer or project basis.

As the business has grown, Lacuna’s service offering has evolved to offer back-office support to a variety of industries, predominantly in professional services.”

That’s so interesting, so where did the idea come from to incorporate Josef bots into your service offering?

Bronwyn: “In providing services in the legal space, we have seen the amazing functionality that Josef provides. Given we’ve identified that our skills and services are highly transferable to other industries, we recognised the potential to transfer the Josef technology in the same way.”

Amazing, so tell us about the bots you built and how they work.

Bronwyn: “Currently in rotation is the Lacuna Bid and Tender tool which walks users through a series of questions, adding numerical weights to responses, helping to determine if a particular opportunity is worth pursuing. It can be overwhelming knowing where to start when a tender opportunity arises, so by guiding users through a series of questions about the opportunity, the Bid and Tender tool will help assess whether the opportunity is viable to pursue and get a sense of where to focus time and resources, or seek help. On completion of the questions, Lacuna will assess the score and offer tailored resources to help – whether that be a complimentary consultation, or a downloadable decline to bid letter.”

Jordenne: “We also built Lacuna’s Website Health Check which I designed. This bot walks users through a short series of questions and exercises that perform an assessment on your website’s overall performance, generating a score that tells you how well your website is working.”

“People often forget that a website isn’t something you set and forget. It is a living part of your business and needs regular check ins to make sure it is performing optimally. The Website Health Check is a great first port of call to make sure everything is on track.”

Bronwyn: “From a technical standpoint we used Josef to attach scores and weightings to each of our answers. For example, in the bid and tender tool if one of the users says ‘I’ve got a really good relationship with this client, I’ve got a lot of the material pre-written I know a lot about them, I’ve got the time to do this project and it’ll be profitable,’ then the scores will say 10 out of 10.” 

“If they answer and say, ‘we don’t really know the client, we think our competitors might have slightly better skills, we’re really under-resourced,’ they might get a score of 0 and we would suggest a conversation with us to consider the benefits of proceeding with the bid. If needed, we can supply a decline to bid letter. If they score somewhere in the midrange, we’ll let them know that there could be potential with the support of additional resources, perhaps even from Lacuna.

Jordenne: “It was fun learning about the weightings and it makes for a more interactive experience; we’re able to provide on the spot advice as a direct result of the responses provided to the bot. It’s been quite an innovative use of Josef to add those weightings, but, ultimately it’s just to help clients with tailored, useful answers or support.”

With two bots built and successfully launched, what’s next for Lacuna & Josef?  

Jordenne: “There’s a number of other tools that we have in the pipeline. These were the first two to get up and running. We see so many things within what we do, that we can adapt to Josef. Watch for further developments over the next few months.” 

So exciting! We can’t wait to see them. As your business grows and attracts new clients, how do see Josef playing a role in this process?   

Bronwyn:  “A number of our clients are thinking about or using Josef. In addition to the value add of providing access to the bots we’ve built, we can lend our expertise to support to clients working with Josef. By taking Josef bots in a new direction, we can help other clients think about new ways that can help their marketing or profiling or the areas in which we guide and support our clients.”

Jordenne: “I think the other thing we love about the bots is the opportunity for us to be a resource for clients and potential clients. We encourage them to return to our website because it won’t always be the same two tools.”

Josef also just aligns with our values. Josef is an innovative business and we’ve got a pretty innovative approach to how we do things. You know, it just ties in really well with what’s important to us as a company and what we care about.” 

About Lacuna Professional Solutions

Winner of the 2021 Innovator of the Year at the Australian Law Awards, Lacuna Professional Solutions is a team of experts who provide specialised support to grow and develop your business so you can focus on what you do best. We give you access to the services you find in a large firm, no matter the size of your operation.

Since launching as Lacuna Legal Providers in March 2019, our team has provided personalised solutions to clients all over Australia and internationally, and not just lawyers! Working with Lacuna Professional Solutions puts a team of experts in your corner ensuring you have direct access to the expertise you require as and when it is needed, with the flexibility to dial up or dial down our service. With a transparent fee structure, you can engage us on either a project or monthly retainer basis with no lock in period.

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