Josef launches “Josef Q” – an AI-powered tool that turns policies and regulations into digital Q&A tools.

Today, Josef announces the launch of “Josef Q”, a new product that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform policies and regulations into digital Q&A tools in minutes. Josef Q helps businesses to answer frequently asked questions quickly, accurately, and in a language that anyone in the organization can understand.

Tom Dreyfus, CEO and Co-founder of Josef said, “For teams like Legal, Compliance, Information Security and HR, which are constantly under pressure to do more with less, Josef Q gives them the power to deliver instant answers to questions about policies and other complex content. This is a high-tech knowledge management tool that dramatically reduces the time spent answering FAQs for professionals who should be – and want to be! – spending their time on higher value work.”

Co-founders Tom Dreyfus & Kirill Kliavin

Co-founders Tom Dreyfus & Kirill Kliavin

Josef will launch a free beta version of the tool next week at LegalWeek in New York, giving everyone the ability to try it out. Dreyfus explains: “It was important to us that we launched the tool for free to the public. Josef’s mission is to make legal services more accessible, and so it makes perfect sense for us to do the same with our technology. The more open, transparent and collaborative we can be as a community, the better placed we are to change the way legal work is done for the better. Josef Q is the next step in that journey for Josef.”

Josef Q is powered by OpenAI’s most advanced large language model, with performance enhanced by human-in-the-loop training and moderation. This approach enables subject matter experts to quickly and efficiently train their tools to provide highly accurate answers about a defined content set, such as privacy, data security, HR and procurement policies.

While compliance professionals are concerned about the ability for tools like GPT 3.5 to deliver accurate results, Josef Q’s curated knowledge base changes the equation. In the words of Mel Scott, Senior Legal Counsel at Megaport and host of The Counsel Podcast:

Seeing Josef’s new AI-compliance tool in action for the first time was truly an ‘a-ha moment’ for me. A moment that I will never forget. Applications are far-reaching and incredibly exciting. In-house teams will be able to synthesize large amounts of information to help them deliver accurate advice back to their business colleagues on virtually any topic. It represents a revolution and it will change the game.”

Josef Q turns your policies and regulations into an interactive Q&A tool

Josef Q turns your policies and regulations into an interactive Q&A tool

Colin McCarthy, ex-Legal Ops at Twitter and Founder at Legal Operators, says of the tool: “Rarely have I ever seen a tool that is so easy to set up and with the power of AI so easy to find the answers. You can upload a policy, train or untrain questions within minutes, and go live to your company the same day with levels of accuracy not seen before. The speed of adoption is astounding. These workflow capabilities with AI can be used for in-house, law firms, education, or small practice. This is game changing!”

Josef Q can be tailored to the specific needs of each business, providing the right answer to the right person when they need it. The tool creates a paper trail that can be used to track, report on, and prove compliance.

Joe Green, Chief Innovation Officer at Gunderson Dettmer, has also added: “It’s exciting to see legaltech companies like Josef bringing the incredible capabilities of the latest generation of large language models to law firms and in-house legal departments. There are so many potential use cases for this technology that lawyers will now be able to explore.”

Unlike existing knowledge management and FAQ tools, which require time, effort, and skill to manually build, Josef Q uses AI to speed up the build process. Users simply upload policies, processes or regulations, train it with a handful of questions, and launch in minutes.

Dreyfus added, “The end-user experience of Josef Q by Josef is advanced compared to traditional knowledge management tools. Our tool is dynamic and engaging, with the user accessing incredibly accurate answers in seconds.”

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