Josef launches its online Designer & Builder Program!

Josef makes its world-class legal automation and innovation education program available for free!

Ed. note: Registrations for the April program have now closed! However, due to overwhelming demand, we’re accepting expressions of interest for another intake of the program – again open to the public –  though places are limited. Register here.

Josef’s COO, Sam Flynn, explains what this means, why they’re doing it now and how people can access the training, which was developed with some of the world’s best law schools and law firms.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen many people share the story of how Isaac Newton discovered the laws of gravity while in isolation due to an outbreak of the plague. The suggestion appears to be that social distancing is not just an imposition, but an opportunity. Acknowledging that this sadly won’t be true for many in our community, it is likely to be the case that many legal professionals will have more time on their hands in the coming months.

So, if we’re not going to discover the laws of gravity or similar, what are we going to do with that time? What about the 1-2 hours you spent commuting to the office every day? And what about the small moments? That 10 minutes you spent chatting to Karen in the kitchen? The 15 minutes you spent getting a flat white from next door?

People, processes and technology

At Josef, we have built the easiest legal automation platform in the world. The idea was simple: if we empower legal professionals to automate parts of their day-to-day work, then we empower the entire profession to better itself, making legal services more accessible for everyone.

However, having seen thousands of bots built by hundreds of legal professionals, we’ve realised that, even though technology is crucial to the success of a project, certain key skills are required too. This includes legal design and ideation. Computational law and conditional logic. User experience design and testing. If any of this sounds trite, good for you! If it doesn’t, you’re not alone.

That is why our team of academics, lawyers, designers, strategists and technologists have developed world-class educational content with leading law firms and law schools: to succeed, we need to invest in both the right technology and the right skills. And now, we’re making some of that training available to friends of Josef for free over the coming month.

The program introduces people to the skills required to make legal technology and automation work for them.

The program introduces people to the skills required to make legal technology and automation work for them.

The Program

Build skills every week

Those who sign up will get access to a module each week, with short videos and content covering:

Module 1: Legal design and ideation.

Module 2: Computational law and conditional logic.

Module 3: User experience design.

Module 4: Launching digital legal tools.

Hands on projects

Participants can access best practice frameworks, and are provided with weekly challenges to cement their knowledge.

Go at your own pace

The course is self-guided, meaning that you can take it at your own pace to ensure that it fits in with your day-to-day work. We advise that you set aside around 1-2 hours a week.

Ed. note: This course is frequently available to Josef users, but registrations for the April program are now closed to the public. However,  during this difficult time, and due to the overwhelming, positive reception from current participants, we are accepting registrations for the next cohort, commencing next month. Note that spots are limited, so be quick – register your interest here!