Josef now integrates with DocuSign, Salesforce, Slack and leading matter management systems

We’re all about making legal automation easy and seamless at Josef, which is why we’re thrilled to announce a host of new integrations to supercharge how you use Josef in your day-to-day.

Joining the fold are DocuSign, Salesforce, Slack and multiple matter management and data analysis platforms. 

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that one size does not fit all. We’ve dedicated significant development effort to unlock Josef builders with new integration partners.

These integrations can top and tail Josef legal bots and allow builders to tap into the functionality they need to create end-to-end automations that are both innovative, impactful and scalable. 

We’re ensuring Josef’s no-code legal automation platform is enterprise-ready, and fits and moulds with the wide spectrum of tools legal professionals use everyday. The potential to innovate and automate has increased by a hundred-fold and we can’t wait to see what our builders can create!

Discover Josef’s integration partners. 

The tools Josef now integrates with


DocuSign is an e-signature platform.

Documents are a legal professional’s bread and butter, and, of course, most legal documents need to be signed! Josef’s integration with DocuSign means documents generated by Josef are now connected to the e-Signature platform.

Envelopes are created by Josef and generated documents are sent directly to predetermined recipients and any other recipients added by the user.

The result is a seamless, automated process which reduces the manual effort and the time spent on ensuring that these documents go where they need to go.


Slack is a team productivity and messaging platform.

Integrated with Josef, Slack can send bot data – including the documents that have been generated – to Slack channels or as direct messages.

This streamlining improves team coordination, greater visibility, and synchronises data collected in real time.


Salesforce is a global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. You may have heard of it ?.

Josef can send bot data and information collected to Salesforce to create and update customer records in the system, and trigger actions. 

Not only does this integration boost productivity and reduce time spent on any manual labour – it also produces better insights, which translates to making better decisions for businesses and firms. 


Dazychain is a legal practice management application.

Josef can send bot data, including generated documents, to Dazychain to automatically create matters for the legal team to work on. The integration also allows data to be added to an existing matter. This automated integration centralises relevant information and reduces time spent by legal professionals on manually transferring data and updating matters.


Actionstep is a practice management system. 

It is one of the most widely used law firm practice management systems. Integrated with Actionstep, Josef can send bot data, including any documents generated, to Actionstep to create and update legal matters, contacts, file notes and more.

Information from Actionstep can also be retrieved to generate a document through Josef. 

The automation of data transferral reduces the time legal professionals spend manually on administrative tasks and updates. 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics lets businesses and firms measure website traffic and analytics, as well as external traffic and advertising ROIs

Josef builders can connect their accounts to Google Analytics to get an in-depth look at how end-users are navigating their bot. This integration allows builders to better understand user behaviours, and to compile customised data reports. 


Xakia is a matter management system for in-house legal teams. 

Information collected by a Josef bot, and any generated documents, can be sent to Xakia to create and triage legal requests and matters, or to add data to any existing matters. Streamlining this workflow creates a single central repository for data collected, and saves legal professionals hours of manual effort.

SharePoint by Microsoft

SharePoint is a Microsoft Office 365 product. It is used by large firms and corporate legal teams for document storage, file sharing, and internal and client-facing intranets.

Integrated with SharePoint, Josef can send data, including any documents generated to SharePoint folders. Bots built on Josef can also be fully embedded in SharePoint. 

Josef links up with SharePoint for a streamlined user experience and one that is customisable. 

Our integrations are live and ready to go.

New opportunities await! If you’re interested in connecting any of these new integrations to your Josef bots, reach out to our Customer Experience team here

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