Best of the Josef blog: our most read articles of 2020

In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of our most read blog posts of 2020.

Most read interview: Dan Hunter

Dan Hunter, Dean of Law and Professor of Legal Tech

Dan Hunter, Dean of Law and Professor of Legal Tech

The Dean of the largest law school in Australia shared his frank and fearless thoughts on legal tech, the future of legal education, and why lawyers should be lawyers (and not coders) ?.

Interview with Dan Hunter, Dean of Law and Professor of Legal Tech

Honourable mention: We have to call out Dr Sam Muller, HiiL CEO for his insightful interview about justice innovation.

Most read news story: Designer and Builder Program launch

At the start of the year, we created an online course to help legal technophobes learn everything about legal design and try out legal automation in a step-by-step, easy, virtual (and free) program. 

We were blown away ? by the response . Thousands of people signed up, learned a thing or two, became certified builders, and gave us rave reviews.

Josef launches its online Designer & Builder Program!

Honourable mention: A lot of people also wanted to hear about the Automation Academy we launched with one of our customers, Clifford Chance.

Most read personal story: the Josef story

Is that Josef? (No it's a statue of Kafka)

Is that Josef? (No it's a statue of Kafka)

There’s a backstory to our name, so we decided to tell it on our website. Enjoy!

The Josef story

Most read bot spotlight: MinterEllison Client Visitor Safety bot

Try as we might, nobody could avoid COVID-19 (or seeing the word unprecedented for the nth time).

What did our readers want to know? How a major law firm adapted and used legal tech to innovate for client visitor safety ?. 

Most read product story: Flowchart

"The new flowchart is LIFE-CHANGING. You can quote me on that" - a Josef customer

We launched a new flowchart feature to Josef, making it easier and faster than ever to build bots on our platform ?. 

It was a hit with our customers, and our readers. 

Break it up. Map it out. Josef launches its new flowchart!

Most read explainer: Building better intake bots

2020 was the start of the Build Better Bots series ?. Intake bots are where many legal teams start with their legal tech and legal automation journey, so it was no surprise this topped the list.

Automating legal intake

Until next time… that’s all folks!

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