Document automation supercharged with cross-references, hyperlinks and more

Document automation to delight in, not dread

It’s always been a breeze to automate documents with Josef, but we’ve taken it up a few notches to give you document automation that’s faster, slicker, and more powerful than ever, including things that even Google Docs can’t! (Think auto-updating cross-references and table of contents, and full compatibility with Microsoft Word.)

What's new?

Documents are at the heart of legal work. Legal professionals can’t go a day without reading, looking at, referring to or creating a document, and more than half of the bots built on Josef generate documents.

That’s why we’ve made it scarily easy to automate legal documents. 

It’s always been a breeze to automate documents with Josef, but we’ve taken it up a few notches to give you document automation that’s faster, slicker, and more powerful. 

Josef CEO Tom Dreyfus said: “Our customers have been telling us that they want to automate more and more complex documents on Josef. And we’re listening! These new features will unlock higher value use cases, and empower builders to take control of their own automation tools.”

Using our whip-smart legal automation tool, legal professionals can now generate more sophisticated documents in our word editor, including fully automated cross-references and tables of content.

The best part? You don’t need to be tech savvy. Creating intricate connections that deliver impactful automations is effortless.

Discover a whole new world of automating complex documents. This is no-code, intuitive automation, so just be your lawyerly self, and say hello to Documents 2.0.

Never double-check cross-references or the table of contents again!

Lawyers, rejoice! Most legal documents are an intricate web of cross-references and numbered items and tables of contents. With our latest round of updates, you have complete control over these fields, and they’ll be auto-updated whenever they’re edited by the ultimate end user in the bot interface. 

That means no more double and triple checking your documents, as cross-references and table of contents automatically update. Why perform the tedious (or panicked!) task of working through references to make sure it’s all up to scratch when Josef can do it for you in moments? 

Quality control is baked into Josef, ensuring that you can deliver beautiful, accurate legal documents without the added risk of human error. 

More control than ever before

One of the joys of Josef’s document automation functionality is that it is truly no-code – no squiggly lines, no brackets. That’s a promise! Now, with Documents 2.0, you have more control in an online editor than ever before. (This is stuff even Google Docs hasn’t nailed.)

Embed hyperlinks and rules to create and streamline intelligent workflows in Josef, making documents easy to navigate with automated hyperlinks. Easily update the names of files even after applying all of your automations. (This one is simple but powerful!) No more sending out an underscore_laden_file_name.pdf to your clients.

Be relaxed knowing that it’s all taken care of by our powerful no-code software, so that your clients and colleagues receive updated and accurate, ready-to-sign, high quality documents.

This is no-code document automation at its finest

Complex documents can be pulled together within minutes, not hours, and the nitty-gritty, groan-inducing follow-up tasks that use up valuable time and bandwidth are a thing of the past with Josef. Reduce risk and scale infinitely without taking a second glance at a complex document, and empower your legal team to focus on high-value work instead of cranking out document after document.

Say goodbye to document blunders, sloppiness, manual and time getting away from you, and say hello to Documents 2.0.

Game-changing document automation for your legal team

Find out how you and your team can automate complex documents like never before! Fill in your details and one of our team members will set up a time to show you how to transform the way you generate documents in a few clicks. 

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