Agriculture giant Al Dahra streamlines legal operations with Josef

Servicing the business better

The in-house legal team at the leading multi-national agribusiness organisation Al Dahra is streamlining its operations, enhancing internal relations and ultimately “servicing the business better” with the help of Josef.

Dawn Sanderson, Group General Counsel, is leading the charge, ensuring her department builds an “easily accessible front door” for those across Al Dahra requiring legal services.

Self-service tools covering FAQs and generating NDAs are the starting point for the team’s automation journey.

In Josef, they’ve found “exactly what they need” for those purposes.


Self-serving en masse

Legal tasks come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes you just know a task is ripe for automation. FAQs are a prime example. With Josef, the legal team at Al Dahra has found a way to share information quickly and with ease.

“We were looking for something to take low-level tasks off our desk in order to focus on more strategic, high risk and high value matters for the business.”

“Questions like: ‘Who is the authorised signatory for this?’, ‘Please can I get a copy of a trade licence for that?’ or ‘How about an NDA for this?'”

Their new FAQ bot will share knowledge effortlessly, asynchronously and consistently. They had the knowledge and now they will have the tools.

The team with their celebratory cake on launch day!

The team with their celebratory cake on launch day!

Delighting clients

Automation presents an opportunity to build on interdepartmental relations while also improving access to the legal department.

Dawn and her team knew this and were keen to act.

“We wanted to improve the experience for our internal clients in dealing with the legal department. To make us more approachable and easier to use. In turn, this would improve both interactions with, and the perception of, the legal department”.

“We wanted to ensure we are approached for the right things, at the right time, so that we’re enhancing governance and compliance.”

“I am genuinely excited about rolling Josef out because it is so informal and user-friendly, which is exactly what we need for our internal clients.”
– Dawn Sanderson, Group General Counsel

A bright future

Once you start, you can’t stop. Dawn and her team’s mission to automate and delight teams across the company is making an irrevocable impact for the better.

“I am genuinely excited about rolling Josef out because it is so informal and user-friendly, which is exactly what we need for our internal clients.”

“I am also very excited to free up important time and resources within the legal department, to relieve pressure within the team and the business, as well as allowing team members to spend more time developing themselves, which will overall enable us to service the business better.”

The only way is up!

Al Dahra’s legal team

The legal team is based at Al Dahra Group’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with support local functions in Romania and Serbia. The UAE team currently consists of Dawn as Group General Counsel, Natalia Bohorquez as Senior Legal Counsel and Manar Hassan as Paralegal.

About Al Dahra

Founded in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1995, Al Dahra is a leading global agribusiness organisation that specialises in the cultivation, production and trading of animal feed and essential food commodities. The group is present in 18 countries and caters to more than 45 markets, with a substantial prominence in US, Europe and the Middle East.

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