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Interview with Eric Chin, the man who coined the phrase "NewLaw"

Eric Chin is the man who coined the phrase “NewLaw”. He has consulted to the legal industry for nearly a decade, first at renowned consulting firm Beaton, and now with his new firm, Alpha Creates. We sat down with him to talk about legal tech, NewLaw, how the legal industry has changed over the past decade and where it is headed now.

AI and the Law: An explainer

Sam, Josef's COO, recently sat in on a lecture by Harry Surden, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Colorado, on the past, present and future of AI and the Law. Here's what he learnt.

A day at Stanford's FutureLaw, shaping the future of law

Last week, Tom, Josef's CEO, went to FutureLaw, CodeX's flagship annual conference at Stanford Law School. Here, he reflects on the experience and some of the lessons he learned from the conference.

Interview with Renee Knake, founder of the first "law lab"

Renee Knake is Professor of Law at the University of Houston, the current Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at RMIT and the founder of one of the earliest “law labs” in the world, at Michigan State in 2012. Her research on legal entrepreneurship, innovation and access to justice is world leading, and Josef was lucky enough to sit down with her to learn more.

We're hiring engineers and designers! Join a world-class team making a difference

Are you a great engineer or designer looking to join a world-class start-up with a social justice mission at its core? Or do you know any? If so, get in touch - the Josef team is looking to grow!

Why software is eating the legal world: Josef on tour in SF

Josef recently spent time in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the centre of the tech world. While there, they met with everyone from the Professors of Stanford University to the VCs of Sand Hill Road, learning some surprising truths about tech, society and the future of the legal industry. Sam Flynn, Founder and COO, shares the most important lessons learned.

How to choose your next legal innovation project: tips from the experts

Lawyers are working hard to change the way they provide legal services. Tools like Josef make innovation more accessible than ever, but how do you know which projects are worthwhile? Josef spoke to leading experts about how your firm can make the right choice.

Interview with Demetrio Zema, founder of Australia’s “most innovative law firm”

In the world of legal tech and innovation, people often write about the future. They write about the next big thing or how we have to prepare for coming change. So, for the first of Josef’s series of interviews with experts in the legal tech and innovation world, we thought we’d speak to someone who has already done it.

Law school and legal design: where to next?

Everyone keeps saying it: the legal industry is changing. But, in an often conservative discipline, what does this mean for law schools and law students? The Josef team went to Swinburne Law School to find out.

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