About us

Josef was founded by three young lawyers and developers who believe that the law needs to work for everyone. The majority of people who face a legal problem in the US, the UK and Australia don't seek legal assistance. Josef was designed to solve that problem.

But legal technology doesn't just empower us to bridge the access to justice gap, it is also an unprecedented opportunity for the legal industry to modernise. This allows lawyers to unlock value in untapped markets, streamline their organisations and prepare for a changing industry.

That is why Josef works with a variety of teams across the US, Europe and Australia, including community legal centres, government, plaintiff and commercial firms and in-house legal teams.

Tom Dreyfus


Tom is a lawyer, entrepreneur and and not-for-profit leader. In a past life, Tom worked as a lawyer, an associate at the High Court of Australia and a lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

Kirill Kliavin


Kirill is an experienced software engineer and machine learning practitioner. He has worked as a software developer at digital agencies and played a key role in building digital solutions for government and local start-ups.

Sam Flynn


Sam has worked in advertising, as a lawyer and as an associate at the Supreme Court of Victoria. Sam has extensive experience in the intersection of technology and law, such as launching MYKI Fines in 2016.